Starting gear

These are the options for starting gear.

You each have a tiny, one-room “house” in a small village. You will have starting gold equal to a level one character of your class. Talk to me about any non-weapon/armor gear that you wish to purchase. There are very few smiths, and nobody you know with the knowledge to craft complicated tools. You’ve heard rumors of these relics, and sometimes even seen iron tools, but they are few and far between. Most of these have been scavenged from nearby settlements decades ago.

In addition, you can choose a quarterstaff, club, sling, or sap. Any iron or steel gear is highly sought-after, and generally repurposed for use in industry. All weapons have the ‘fragile’ quality. No magical or masterwork weapons are available on character creation. Obsidian is especially common, since there is a large semi-active volcano that is central to this region.


Starting gear

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