A hunter, Esha longs to escape the village of her birth


Level 3 Bladebound Magus. Very highly intelligent, with low charisma and solid physicality. 17 years old, 5’7", 165 lbs, short dark hair, dark brown skin. Human female.


Esha hunts and traps in the wilds near the village. She mostly uses simple snares and the like, and supplements the village families diet’s with the small prey she is able to catch. While out checking her snares recently, she stumbled upon a ruined, overgrown bulding made of stone. Something called to her from within, and she entered. After scrambling amongst the wreckage, she eventually found a blackened wood club, made of a type of wood she had never seen before. It was studded with what looked like shards of rock, and the teeth of strange animals, and holding it in her hand felt strangely right. She has been spending more and more time away from the village lately, practicing in private with her new weapon. It has begun sending some visions and feelings into her mind, even when they are not touching, and she has begun to think of it both as a friend, and perhaps as a way out. Having grown up on the stories of Arlin “Twoshoe”, Esha longs to travel far beyond what the life proscribed to her would allow. But this weapon speaks one word louder than others, and it is “freedom.”

Esha is an orphan, both of her parents having died (or at least gone missing) on a fishing expedition when she was young. She quickly learned that although people in the village were kind to her on the surface, they looked at her as another mouth to feed and she would need to pull her weight. She has therefore been independent and curious from a young age, seeking out knowledge and new skills where she can find them, and even convincing Two-Shoes to teach her how to read, and trade her some works of fiction to practice on. She recently went on her first adventure, and was horribly injured by snake venom. Closest friends with Pico, a fellow loner and outcast.

Dream 1:
You and your eight siblings continue to dance in a circle around your mother. You sing that familiar rhyme. Smiling, you all raise your hands slowly. Each of you burst into flames.

You wake in a sweat, your hands clutching and glowing red with heat. Shaking off the grogginess of sleep and standing from bed, your hands look normal, though still covered in sweat.


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