Mir - A long way...

3. Betrayal

The bomb explodes. Aurochs and forest-beasts alike react instinctively, moving to avoid the fire. Jagga tries his best to calm the aurochs as the rest try and peer through the trees and rain to see that which stalks them. Furs, claws, and teeth spring from the darkened green, savagely attacking the party while attempting to seperate the humanoids from the creatures they protect. After taking great wounds, the party is able to defeat the largest of the wolf-kind and send most of the others fleeing back into the forest.

Soon they reach their village, and it is a welcome sight. Ash is taken care of, and the Aurochs are seen to as well. Jagga, Pico, and Gord each receive a small monetary reward, as well as the respect of the villagers.

While they were away, some new faces showed up in camp. David and Rebecca Barris, and their daughter Bunny. They came from the west, where they were recently freed from slavery by their former master. Gord, seeing this situation as suspicious, decides to silently observe the family for a day. He learns that their child is sick, and is getting worse. When confronted about their problem, they confide in the party, and tell that Bunny has been bitten by a snake and was poisoned, and her condition continues to decline.

Gord tells this information to her grandfather, while Pico and Esha talk with the village herbalist about how they might find an antidote to the snake’s poison. It’s discovered that the snake who bit Bunny is from lands far to the west, and are not naturally found in the location where David insisted Bunny was bitten. Again, Gord tells all of this to her Grandfather.

The party sets off to the location David indicated, which is a few days north-west of the village. Along the way they notice major waterways have been severely flooded and are nearly impassible further to the west.

When they arrive at the designated spot, they find wagon tracks that lead off road. This takes them to a broken-down wagon, and they find the remains of two Yuan-ti. Their throats have been slit. Still guarding the wagon and their dead masters, a group of extremely poisonous snakes lashes out at the party. Eshe is bitten, but they are able to defeat the snakes and recover a decent sample of the venom.

As Esha’s condition worsens, they arrive back at camp. Pico and the herbalist set off to work immediately on an antidote to the poison. Gord finds that Daniel and Rebecca are nowhere to be found, and her Father and Grandfather are avoiding the subject of their whereabouts.

After long work, the antidote is ready, and is administered to Esha and Bunny. It seems successful, though both still need some time to recover.

During this time, the party has begun work on two projects, with the help of some of the Villagers. Pico means to open an alchemists lab joining to the existing herbalist shop, with the aid of Esha and the herbalist. Jagga and Gord begin construction on a bar, using the pre-existing foundation that Daniel and Rebecca had been building as their home.



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