The village where you all ended up having a residence. A small farming village. Like most settlements, it is dangerously close to the wilds. The Elder has gone blind and is feeble, but the Shepard is strong, and recognizes the strength within you all. The Justicar is weak of will.

Structures (see ultimate campaign-buildings):

Player Owned
Alchemists Lab: 1 (10 Goods, gp)
Bar: 1 (10 Influence, gp)

Belltower: 1 (horn instead of bell)
Farms: 4
Granaries: 2
Graveyard: 1
Herbalist: 1
House: 22
Jail: 1 (Abandoned)
Mill: 1
Stable: 1
Shop (general goods): 1
Town Hall (fortified): 1
Trade Shop (Baker, Butcher): 2
Stockyard: 1
Defensive Pits: 8

Elite Guards (Denuub)
Guards x2

People of Halbrook: m.=mate, +=child, ^=child of child, all villagers w/out race type are human.

Boland Family= Boland (presumed dead) m. Devi (deceased)
+Toma Bolandson m. Kaja Thorne (vishkanya)
^Jakob Thorne (vishkanya)
^Alof Thorne (vishkanya) m. Elke

+Barry Bolandson m. Serpentia Thorne (vishkanya)
^ Justicar Gordalla “Gord” Thorne (vishkanya)

Shepard Ash

Marly (gnome)

Cin Family= Cin (presumed deceased) m. Nomo
+Elke m. Alof Thorne

Madam “Beehive” Family= Madam Beehive (monkey goblin) m. Kay (m.g), Gorad (m.g)
(Kay triplets)
(Gorad twins)
(Kay twins)

Madam “Florist” Family= Madam Florist (m.g.) m. Demma (m.g), Bramma (m.g.), Tor (m.g.)
(Demma twins)
+Foalek (deceased)
(Bramma twins)
(Tor twins)
+Kerak (deceased)

Jenna Sage Family= Herbalist Elder Jenna Sage (kitsune) m. Gudrun
+Arastoo (adopted, hobgoblin)
+Junger (adopted, ratfolk)
+Shop Keeper Paniz (adopted, ratfolk)

Madden Family= Farmer Madden (orc) m. Greta (half-orc), Teema (half-orc)
+Farmer Grok (h.o.) m. Orin
^Swuu (half orc)
+Ruzin (h.o)
+Derv (h.o.)

Farmer Ava (gnome) m. Gul (gnome)

Butcher Nifis (tiefling)

Brown Family= Baker Brown m. Megan
+Orin m. Farmer Grok (h.o.)
^Swuu (half orc)
+Tem (deceased)

Miller Brown (baker brown’s brother) m. Dara (deceased)

Wrangler Jaleh (Half-orc) m. Teema (half-orc)

Farmer Giles Family= Orand Giles (tengu) m. Tren Giles

Laborer Denuub Family (all beetle-like creatures, all go by “Denuub”) Three Mates, 5 Children (Elite Guards)


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