Mir - A long way...

1. Herd

Preparing for the Spring

Ash has seen you and your newfound friends getting restless. Visits from Twoshoes have turned you all into would-be adventurers. But Ash knows that there are no adventures, and what happens in real life is often more difficult and rewarding than anything you’ll find in a book.

One evening, while you are all talking amongst yourselves, Ash approaches you accompanied by her huskie “Spirit”. Last month, six of our male aurochs died in an accident. With such a small male population, there won’t be enough diversity in our herd for breeding in the years to come. Luckily, the nearby village of olsly is willing to trade some of their aurochs for some of our hearty crop-seed.

Being so near to rain-season, Ash anticipates needing a hand. The village needs these Aurochs soon for spring mating. And it looks like you all could use an excuse to get out of the village. The Justicar will be footing the bill for you all, so you will get some recompense. And even though you all weren’t born in the village, they would all be extremely grateful for your assistance.

Marly, another of your colleagues, declines. “Regrettably, I will not be able to join this epic quest,” a hint of a smile appears at the corner of his mouth, “but I will have quite the surprise when you return.”

4/2/Couatl (8/3/2013)


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