Mir - A long way...

4. Foul

The PC’s good friend Marly had come home with some interesting news. He found a sailor, dead, with a note about a possible ship and treasure. Marly traced this back to the Foul Shore, a place where you all have been warned of since you were children. Fearing the other villagers rejection of your plan, you all left immediately. The voyage was hectic, as one night one of you lit a torch to fend of the darkness. Instead, the torch attracted an owlbear. Esha took heavy injuries, but you all managed to come out of it with some owlbear trophies.

You found a small village on the coast, surrounded by all manner of crude traps. In the village were a population of large, lanky, grey skinned creatures of simple intelligence. Each seemed to have particular racial traits that differed from the others. There is also a pit in the middle with various body parts from all sorts of creatures in different states of decay. They asked if you were here to say Father, and you said you were. They then lead you to the ruins of a circular building on the coast, and to a ladder which lead down. Jagga investigated a little and found the ladder stopped part-way down. There was an altercation up top, where the creatures attempted to force Pico and Thissen down the hole. The creatures were dispatched easily, though one fell on Jagga in the hole where he sustained even more damage. Through some investigating, you found an injured sailor named Tom who needed assistance. With the enemy unknown, you all decided to burn down the structures in the village and flee back to your own village.

Four days passed, where Tom healed his wounds and you all made up time for your chores. On the fourth day, Grok and Orin, two of halbrook’s farmers, were taken from their house. A trail of blood led to the direction of the foul coast. Without stopping for council, you all raced into the woods after missing villagers.

Trying to maintain pursuit, you travel without sleep for the day-long journey. You arrive exhausted, but determined to find your friends. The burned-down village is abandoned, with signs of movement towards the underground lair. Tom is with you, and seems to know the way through the tunnels. You find a tunnel that ends in a pool of water, and Tom tells you that the other side has to be swam through the tunnels. Esha does not trust him, so when Tom goes into the water, you all split and go the other direction. You find a jail cell, partially under water, which houses your villager friends as well as…Tom. Tom, minus one arm and most of the hair on his head. Esha gets a strange feeling, and is guided towards some writing on the wall. It seems to be jibberish, and some hand signals. The rest of the party try it out, but only get strange unnatural sensations. Esha finally combines the vocal and somatic, and a point of light appears out of nowhere.

In another area, they find the remaining creatures in a tunnel that leads to the ocean. This tunnel smells absolutely terrible. It is probably where all the waste ends up. Most of the creatures flee, but a few stay behind to fight you off. They are dispatched with relative ease.

Another tunnel reveals a strange room with a large stone bowl, three giant skeletons pinned to the wall, and an aboleth skin attached to the ceiling. Pico finds a recipe near the pot, which he suspects has something to do with Evil Tom.

Finally they return to the pool of water, where Thissen volunteers to swim to where the prisoners can be rescued. Esha uses her new “Magic” to light Thissen’s claws, which helps in the pitch black icy watery tunnels.

When Pico sees “Good Tom”, he chants a silent prayer to Zon Kuthan, and smiles at the injuries sustained to Tom’s arm. Pico takes this as a sign that he understands the ailment, and is happy that he will be able to treat it better. All three of the prisoners seem to have a mental condition, and are mostly unresponsive to stimuli.

Without exploring the other tunnels, you all make haste back to the village with the rescued villagers. Jagga makes his way ahead, and meets up with Gord and the rest of the village leaders. He explains that the monsters might be coming to attack at any time, and lets slip where they were and what they were doing. Eventually the rest of the party comes back, and all of them come clean as to what they’ve been doing the past week. Gord is disappointed that she missed out, but happy that she got to go to Moon Port, where she aided Ashe in delivering the two former-slaves.

A letter came back with Gord and Ashe, which the Elder Cin explains is a note about the Yuan-Ti Lords demanding supplies and soldiers from their village. House Sauringar, which rules over these lands, has a dispute with a neighboring house. They are assembling an army in one month’s time. There is also news about dams breaking to the west, essentially cutting off half of the island.

Cin wants to go to the Moon Port with an escort, in order to protest the impossible demands laid upon the village.



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